Agenda EURLSSG-Meeting

Friday 15th December 2023, 9:00 - 16:30 h 


Welcome (Rosalia Silvestri, president)


Genetics and Animal Models

Juliane Winkelmann, Germany
Klaus Berger, Germany


Update on the genetics of RLS
Barbara Schormair, Germany

Update on functional studies of MEIS1 in RLS
Volker Kittke, Germany

Epigenetics of RLS
Konrad Oexle, Germany

Restless Legs Syndrome: from Genotype to Phenotype
Sofiene Chenini, France


EURLSSG common projects

The EURLSSG database: Brainstorming of ideas for common projects
Angelilca Montini, Italy & Federica Provini, Italy


New clinical data

Lucia Muntean, Germany

Diego Garcia-Borreguero


Restless Legs Syndrome inc hildren under 6 years of age
Sofia Kasradze, Georgia

RLS and chronic fatigue syndrome: Are there common mechanisms?
Olli Polo, Finland

Leg movements in disorders of arousal: a new kid on the block
Elza Balian, Armenia

Association of levodopa-related clinical parameters with restless legs syndrome in patients with Parkinson´s disease
Narine Nadryan, Armenia

L-Dopa treatment in restless legs syndrome in Germany - data from the largest German Health Insurance Company (AOK)
Dagmar Drogan, Germany & Klaus Berger, Germany

Metagenomic analysis in restless legs syndrome
Angelilca Montini, Italy

Hydrotherapy and accupressure in restless legs syndrome - a randomized, controlled, three-armed, explorative clinical trial
Julia Siewert, Germany

Time structure of PLMS in RLS around 50 years of age in women and men
Raffaele Ferri, Italy

Previous dopaminergic augmentation of RLS symptoms reduces the therapeutic response to non-dopaminergic treatments
Diego Garcia-Borreguero, Spain



Patients´ perspective

Samson Khachatryan, Armenia
Federica Proini, Italy

RLS: Are we still living in the aftermath of the disease mongering movement?
Joke Jaarsma, The Netherlands

Swedish patients´ perspective: How to cope with problems?

Sören Berg, Sweden

German RLS Patient Foundation (RLS e.V.)
Lilo Habersack Young Researcher Award

Update on the European RLS guidelines

Ambra Stefani, Austria


Clinical Cases

Birgit Högl, Austria
Raffaele Ferri, Italy

Are there differences between idiopathic hypersomnia and PLMD characterized by PLMS and hypersomnolence?
Karel Sonka, Czech. Republic

Ups and downs - precision medicine in RLS - how is this possible?

Anna Heidbreder, Austria

De novo lower body restlessness due to antidepressant discontinuation: RLS or withdrawal akathisia?
Samson Khachatryan, Armenia

More tongue movements or less movements - what will finally bring back good nights´ sleep?
Christina Dirks, Germany





Agenda EURLSSG-Meeting

Saturday 16th December 2023, 9:00 - 12:30 h 


Welcome (Rosalia Silvestri, president)


Iron supplementation in RLS and RSD: a clinical perspective
Raffaele Ferri, Italy


Year in Review

Claudia Trenkwalder, Germany
Raffaele Ferri, Italy

Treatment (pharmacological and non-pharmacological)
Giorgos Sakkas, Greece

RLS and cognitive function / risk of dementia

Ambra Stefani, Austria

RLS and multiple sclerosis
Rosalia Silvestri, Italy

RLS, inflammatory factors and omics
Maria Paola Mogavero, Italy