21. Annual Meeting 2021 of the EURLSSG

Unfortunately we had to cancel the live meeting in Munich due to the COVID emergency situation in Germany and Bavaria, and we will have instead a half-day virtual meeting !!


Friday, December 10th, 2021, time: 2 pm - 5:40 pm

Attention: Virtual Meeting !!

Requirements for attending the Annual Meeting on Friday 10th December:

Participation is only possible if you are a member or have applied to become a member of the EURLSSG.
First time participants can attend even if they have not yet applied for membership.

Participation fee for non-members are 40,- €.



Agenda Friday, 10th December (download)




14:00  Welcome and Introduction (Rosalia Silvestri, EURLSSG president, Italy)

LMM and leg movements
Chairperson: Lourdes DelRosso, USA

14:10  Large muscle group movements in a cohort of healthy sleepers (Abubaker Ibrahim, Austria)

14:25  Leg movement activity during sleep in children treated with antidepressants (Raffaele Ferri, Italy)

14:40  CSF biomarkers and cerebral glucose metabolism dysregulation in PLMD patients (Claudio Liguori, Italy)


Clinical studies
Chairperson: Raffaele Ferri, Italy

14:55  Depressive symptoms and suicidal thoughts in restless legs syndrome: Associated factors and effect of treatment (Sofiene Chenini, France)

15:10  Patient-driven-European RLS registry EU_RLS_PREG (Joke Jaarsma, The Netherlands / Wolfgang Oertel, Germany)

15:25  Handing over of the Lilo Habersack young researcher prize


15:40  -- Coffe break --


Sleep disturbances in RLS
Chairperson: Klaus Berger, Germany

15:55  Sleep in the time of COVID-19: Effect of Lockdown in Restless Legs Syndrome, Narcolepsy and idiopathic Hypersomnia (Lucie Barateau, France)

16:10  A model of sleep disturbance in chronic fatigue syndrome. Could such a model apply also for RLS? (Olli Polo, Finland)


RLS in other neurological diseases
Chairperson: Wolfgang Oertel, Germany

16:25  Impact of RLS on health-related quality of life in epilepsy (Samson Khachatryan, Armenia)

16:40  RLS incidence and impact on sleep quality in a group of relapsing-remittent multiple sclerosis (Alessia Pascazio, Italy)


Genetics of RLS
Chairperson: Juliane Winkelmann, Germany

16:55  Update on functional studies of MEIS1 in RLS (Volker Kittke, Germany)

17:10  Multi-omics analyses on human brain tissue in RLS (Philip Harrer & Vanessa Schmoll, Germany)

17:25  The patient perspective on RLS - some burning questions (Soren C. Berg, EARLS, Sweden)


17:40  -- End of the meeting  /  Coffe break for members --


EURLSSG e.V. Session
EURLSSG members only !!

17:50  General Meeting of the EURLSSG