EURLSSG-Meeting 2010 and
Workshop on RLS Augmentation

December 10th, 08:30-16:00 and
December 11th, 09:00-13:00

"Seidlvilla", Nikolaiplatz 1b
80802 Munich / Schwabing

Requirements for participation at the Annual Meeting in Munich:

  • Participation is only possible if you are a member or applicant of the EURLSSG. Exception: First time participants can attend even if they have not yet applied for membership.
  • Reimbursement of travel expenses is only possible for members/applicants and only 1 person per centre.



Program EURLSSG-Meeting
Friday, 10th Dec. 8:30 - 16:00

Spotlight Presentations I

Magdolna Hornyak, Freiburg, Germany
Marco Zucconi, Milan, Italy

Epidemiological aspects of RLS in Finland [ABSTRACT]
Markku Partinen, Espoo, Finland

RLS in patients with multiple sclerosis: epidemiology and genetics [ABSTRACT]
Jana Vávrová, Munich, Germany

RLS in peri- and post-menopausal women in Italy: data from a multicenter questionnaire-based study
Rosalia Silvestri, Mesina, Italy

Long-term effects of iron deficiency anaemia in infancy on tibialis anterior motor pattern during sleep in childhood [ABSTRACT]
Raffaele Ferri, Troina, Italy

PLMS during sleep in narcoleptic patients with or without RLS [ABSTRACT]
Raffaele Ferri, Troina, Italy

PLMS and Mirtazapine
Stephany Fulda, Munich, Germany

PLM and transcutaneous CO2
Aaro Salminen, Tampere, Finland

ID murine model of RLS
Richard Allen, Baltimore, USA

Update on RLS Scales

Update on scales and interviews in RLS research [ABSTRACT]
Richard Allen, Baltimore, USA, and Ralf Kohnen, Nuremberg, Germany

Spotlight Presentations II

Karin Stiasny-Kolster, Marburg, Germany
Olli Polo, Tampere Finland

MR spectroscopy findings on RLS compared to primary insomnia
Richard Allen, Baltimore, USA and Ralf Kohnen, Nuremberg, Germany

RLS in dialysis patients [ABSTRACT]
GianLuigi Gigli, Udine, Italy

?Restless bladder? and the boundaries of RLS [ABSTRACT]
Federica Provini, Bologna, Italy

The effect of exercise Training and dopamine agonists in the amelioration of RLS symptoms: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study
Giorgos Sakkas, Larissa, Greece

Spotlight Presentations III

Juliane Winkelmann, Munich, Germany
Birgit Högl, Innsbruck, Austria

Update on a case of possible augmentation under methadone therapy
Birgit Frauscher, Innsbruck, Austria

Genetic report
Juliane Winkelmann, Munich, Germany
What is first, the bird or the egg? Somatization, anxiety and depression: psychological profile of patients with augmentation
Magdolna Hornyak, Freiburg, Germany
European Patient Alliance for RLS (EARLS): an update of the past year
Sten Sevborn, Borrby, Sweden and Joke Jaarsma, Amsterdam, Netherlands

State-of-the-art and new hypotheses

Claudia Trenkwalder, Kassel, Germany
Diego Garcia-Borreguero, Madrid, Spain

Dopaminergic medication in RLS: Meta-analysis according to the guidelines of the Cochrane Collaboration
Magdolna Hornyak, Freiburg, Germany
A unifying model of RLS ? call for pros and cons
Olli Polo, Tampere, Finland

EURLSSG e.V. Session

16:00 - 17:00    General Meeting of the EURLSSG (for EURLSSG members only!)
                         Election of the 3 "at-large" members

Dinner after the EURLSSG-Meeting

19:00   "BMW World - Restaurant International", Petuelring 130, 80809 Munich / Germany

Program Workshop on RLS Augmentation
Saturday, 11th Dec. 9:00 - 13:00

Diego Garcia-Borreguero and Ralf Kohnen

New issues in the long-term evaluation of RLS treatment

Clinic and population-based data on long-term treatment with dopamine agonists
Richard Allen, Baltimore, USA

Lack of efficacy vs. augmentation
Diego Garcia-Borreguero, Madrid, Spain
Data analysis:
Ralf Kohnen, Nuremberg, Germany
Diego Garcia-Borreguero and Ralf Kohnen

Augmentation: transient vs. progressive.  Presentation of five cases 
Luigi Ferini-Strambi, Milan, Italy

Pattern of use of medication during long-term treatment ? Preliminary analysis.
Claudia Trenkwalder, Kassel, Germany and Ralf Kohnen, Nuremberg, Germany

Proposal of an Augmentation Diagnostic Interview (ADI)
The new ADI:
Heike Benes, Schwerin, Germany and Diego Garcia-Borreguero, Madrid, Spain
Proposal of a protocol:
Birgit Högl, Innsbruck, Austria

Augmentation: final thoughts on where we stand now and what is still needed
Birgit Högl, Innsbruck, Austria

Map of Munich:

Hotel for participants:

HOLIDAY INN Munich-Schwabing
Leopoldstraße 194
80804 Munich / Germany
Phone: ++ 49 - (0) 89 - 3 81 79 - 0
Fax: ++49 - (0) 89 - 3 81 79 - 888

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