Agenda EURLSSG-Meeting

Friday 1st December 2016, 8:30 - 18:00 h 


New findings on Periodic Leg Movements during Sleep

Wolfgang Oertel, Marburg, Germany

Raffaele Ferri, Troina, Italy


New data on respiratory event associated leg movements [no abstract - unpublilshed data]
Stephany Fulda, Lugano, Switzerland

Relationship pf PLMS and abnormal EEG discharges in patients with epilepsy
Samson Khachatryan, Yerevan, Armenia

The upper limit of the intermovement interval of PLMS [abstract]
Raffaele Ferri, Troina, Italy


New Perspectives in RLS drug therapy

Rosalia Silvestri, Messina, Italy

Georgios Hadjigeorgiou, Larissa, Greece

Getting augmentation under control: two case reports
Olli Polo, Tampere, Finland

Reduced response to alpha-2 delta ligands in RLS patients previously treated with dopaminergic agents

Diego Garcia-Borreguero, Madrid, Spain

RLS-related limitations in everyday activities and their improvement after therapy
Mariusz Sieminski, Gdansk, Poland

Long-term follow-up of RLS patients treated with AMPA-glutamate receptor antagonists
Diego Garcia-Borreguero, Madrid, Spain



RLS Pathophysiology Studies

Birgit Högl, Innsbruck, Austria

Mauro Manconi, Lugano, Switzerland


Combined effects of iron deficiency and hypoxia on sleep and hindlimb motor activity in mice [no abstract - unpublished data]
Alessandro Silvani, Bologna, Italy

Effect of acutue exposure to high altitude on RLS symptoms and PLMS: new data from a bilateral study [no abstract - unpublished data]
Ambra Stefani, Innsbruck, Austria



RLS Genetics

Juliane Winkelmann, Munich, Germany
Roselyne Rijsman, The Hague, The Netherlands

Genome-wide genotyping of low frequency variants and anlyses using RLS cases and population based controls [no abstract - unpublished data]
Erik Tilch, Munich, Germany

Genome-wide meta-analysis of restless legs syndrome reveals 19 risk loci

Barbara Schormair, Munich, Germany

Functional studies of MEIS1
Daniel Lam, Munich, Germany

Pleiotropic effects of MEIS1 in Insomnia and RLS 
Konrad Oexle, Munich, Germany


Epidemiology and Costs of RLS

Klaus Berger, Muenster, Germany
Claudia Trenkwalder, Kassel, Germany


Pregnancy related RLS: updates from an online survey
Giorgos Sakkas, Plymouth, UK

The prevalence and correlates of periodic leg movement in sleep in two population-based studies from Germany
Andras Szentkiralyi, Muenster, Germany

Sleep related leg movements in patients with obstructive sleep apnea and incidence of cardiovascular events

Mirjam Schipper, The Hague, The Netherlands

Economic burden of RLS for Polish patients´ and their willingness to pay for therapy [abstract]
Mariusz Sieminski, Gdansk, Poland

New data from the Muenster RLS database

Anna Heidbreder, Muenster, Germany

Value of Treatment Study: Final results

Joke Jaarsma, Amsterdam, The Netherlands




Preliminary Agenda EURLSSG-Meeting

Saturday 2nd December 2017, 8:30 - 13:00 h


Pediatric RLS: An update on the specific clinical, polysomnographic
and therapeutic aspects of RLS in pediatric age

Rosalia Silvestri, Messina, Italy
Raffaele Ferri, Troina, Italy

The clinical manifestations of RLS in early infancy
Oliviero Bruni, Rome, Italy

The RLS in childhoo - the unkown problem
[no abstract - unpublished data]
Barbara Schneider, Landshut, Germany

PLMS and ferritin in ADHD
[no abstract - unpublished data]
Silvia Miano, Lugano, Switzerland

The role of iron in pediatric RLS
Rosalia Silvestri, Messina, Italy

The specific features of leg movement activity during sleep in children
Raffaele Ferri, Troina, Italy

Positive effects of prolonged methylphenidate treatment on sleep and restless legs syndrome in children with Attention-Deficiti/Hyperactivity Disorder: a double-blind randomized controlled trial

Roselnye Rjisman, The Hague, The Netherlands

The use of drugs for RLS inc hildren
Diego Garcia-Borreguero, Madrid, Spain

Discussion and final remarks