Agenda EURLSSG-Meeting

Friday 11th December 2015, 9:00 - 18:50 h


RLS and Comorbid Conditions

Georgios Hadjigeorgiou, Larissa, Greece

Richard Allen, Baltimore, MD, USA

RLS, ICD and its relation with augmentation [no abstract]
Bea Heim, Innsbruck, Austria

The relationship between restless legs syndrome, sleep quality, fitness and body fat levels among a sample of adolescents in Cyprus [no abstract - unpublished data]
Christoforos Giannaki, Nicosia, Cyprus

RLS in chronic fatigue syndrome [no abstract]
Olli Polo, Tampere, Finland

The non-motor symptoms of RLS [no abstract - unpublished data]
Imad Ghorayeb, Bordeaux, France

The disentanglement of comorbid depression in patients with RLS [no abstract - unpublished data]
Klaus Berger, Münster, Germany


Other Clinical and Therapeutic Aspects

Diego Garcia-Boreguero, Madrid, Spain

Claudia Trenkwalder, Kassel, Germany

RLS among professional truck drivers [no abstract]
Markku Partinen, Helsinki, Finland

A clinical and polysomnographic study defining the phenotype of Restless Legs Syndrome / Willis Ekbom Disease /RLS/WED) [no abstract - unpublished data]
Luigi Ferini-Strambi, Milano, Italy

D3 agonist-induced augmentation in RLS: Are we looking at the wrong receptor subtype? [no abstract - unpublished data]
Stefan Clemens, Greenville, USA

Preliminary data on vitamin D deficiency and treatment in a cohort of Sicilian RLS ambulatory patients [no abstract - unpublished data]
Rosalia Silvestri, Messina, Italy

Withdrawal symptoms from RLS treatments: for dopamine compared to non-dopamine treatment [no abstract - unpublished data]
Richard Allen, Baltimore, MD, USA

Open-label study of the efficacy and safety of intravenous ferric carboxymaltose in pregnant women with restless legs syndrome [no abstract - unpublished data]
Mauro Manconi, Lugano, Switzerland

Diabetic females with restless legs syndrome are at a higher risk of stroke [no abstract]
Zoe Heis, Milwaukee, WI, USA




Birgit Högl, Innsbruck, Austria

Luigi Ferini-Strambi, Milano, Italy

An improved home-based measurement of leg movements during sleep [no abstract - unpublished data]
Richard Allen, Baltimore, MD, USA

Prevalence of periodic leg movements during REM sleep in RLS, sleep apnea, parasomnia, insomnia and other sleep disorders [no abstract - unpublished data]
Christian Veauthier, Berlin, Germany

Validation of PLM counts obtained with a computerized system built-in a commercially available PSG software [no abstract - unpublished data]
Ambra Stefani, Innsbruck, Austria

Role of PLMS in epilepsy [no abstract - unpublished data]
Samson Khacharyan, Yerevan, Armenia




Juliane Winkelmann, Munich, Germany

Imad Ghorayeb, Bordeaux, France

Molecular mechanism of BTBD9 in dopaminergic neuron and animal model [no abstract - unpublished data]
Kazuhiro Muramatsu, Gunma, Japan

Role of periopheral nerve excitability in RLS [ ]
Dirk Czesnik, Göttingen, Germany

Does vitamin D play a role in Restless Legs Syndrome / Willis Ekbom Disease? [no abstract - unpublished data]
Ambra Stefani, Innsbruck, Austria