Agenda EURLSSG-Meeting

Friday 13th December 2019, 09:00 - 16:35 h 



Roselyne Rjisman, The Netherlands
Yves Dauvilliers, France


Brain iron deficiency alters reflexes and sleep/rest performance in a mouse model of RLS [no abstract - unpublished data]
Stefan Clemens, USA

Histamine-deficient mice have decreased occurence of tibialis anterior electromyographic bursts during non-REM sleep [abstract]
Alessandro Silvani, Italy

Central sensitization in RLS patients [no abstract - unpublished data]
Yuichi Inoue, Japan

Resting state functional MRI in RLS [no abstract - unpublished data]
Ambra Stefani, Austria

Which is the best biomarker for RLS, hepcidin or ferritin? [abstract]
Sofiene Chenini, France

CSF and serum ferritin levels in narcolepsy Type 1 comorbid with RLS [abstract]
Lucie Barateau, France


Genetics and molecular studies

Rosalia Silvestri, Italy

Richard P Allen, USA

Epigenetic association study of DNA methylation in RLS [no abstract - unpublished data]
Nazan Mirzan-Schreiber, Germany

Uncovering causality in RLS GWAS loci using targeted next generation sequencing
[no abstract - unpublished data]
Erik Tilch, Germany

Functional study of MEIS1 effect in DRD2+ striatal neurons as a potential cause of RLS
[abstract coming soon]
Lucile Cathiard, France

Update on functional studies of MEIS1 in RLS [no abstract - unpublished data]
Volker Kittke, Germany

Forward Genetics and brain iron relation to RLS
Richard Allen, USA



Diagnostics and clinical studies

Juliane Winkelmann, Germany
Yuichi Inoue, Japan


RLS in traumatic brain injury, a case-control study [no abstract - unpublished data]
Cristian Falup-Pecurariu, Romania

Seasonality of RLS: Symptom variability in Winter and Summer [abstract]
Claudio Liguori, Italy

Language analysis in spontaneous descriptions of RLS: Gender differences? [no abstract - unpublished data]
Evi Holzknecht, Austria

Increased blood pressure during the suggested immobilization test in RLS [abstract]
Anna Laura Rassu, France

Successful treatment of a patient with RLS with augmentation and chronic neuropathic pain by a combination of a D3-receptor agonist and an opioid [no abstract]
Svenja Happe, Germany

Bryophyllum pinnatum in RLS - a case series documented by polysomnography [no abstract]
Sigrid von Manitius, Switzerland

Is RLS accompanied by depression symptoms or sleep complaints following delivery? [no abstract]
Lia Maisuradze, Georgia


Outcomes and epidemiology research

Mauro Manconi, Switzerland
Klaus Berger, Germany

PLM in sleep are linked to decreased hippocampus and amygdala volume [abstract]
András Szentkirályi, Germany

Migraine, depression, and SRED: gender-related comorbidities of RLS [no abstract - unpublished data]
Rosalia Silvestri, Italy

Prone to fall accidents and the implication of RLS [no abstract - unpublished data]
Giorgos Sakkas, Greece

Final outcomes of EARLS 2018-19 RLS Patient SUrvey from 10 European countries [no abstract]
Daragh Bogan, UK

Polysomnography and grey matter volume: findings from a population-based study [no abstract - unpublished data]
Marco Hermesdorf, Germany




Barbara Schormair, Germany
Raffaele Ferri, Italy


PLM during sleep in RLS show specific changes throughout the lifespan [abstract]
Raffaele Ferri, Italy

PLM during sleep are less commonly observed in Asian RLS patients
[no abstract - unpublished data]
Yuichi Inoue, Japan

3D detection of PLM during sleep - a prospective pilot study [no abstract - unpublished data]
Stefan Seidel, Austria

Role of RLS and PLMS in epilepsy patients [no abstract - unpublished data]
Samson Khachatryan, Armenia