2nd European Course on Diagnosis and Management of RLS

Morning Session 1:

Chairpersons: Birgit Högl, Roselyne Rjisman

20-minute lectures followed by 10 minutes discussion with the audience (except brief overviews)

08:30          Welcome and Introduction
                   Birgit Högl (EURLSSG President), Innsbruck, Austria

08:45          Diagnosis of RLS, clinical course and comorbidities
Birgit Högl, Innsbruck, Austria

09:15          Brief overview: RLS pathophysiology and genetics
                   Barbara Schormair, Munich, Germany

09:30          Brief overview: Epidemiology of primary and symptomatic / comorbid forms
                   Klaus Berger, Muenster, Germany

09:45          RLS severity, diagnostic pathways, and mimics
                   Roselyne Rijsman, The Hague, The Netherlands


10:15          - Coffee Break  -


Morning Session 2:

Chairpersons: Yves Dauvilliers, Klaus Berger

10:30          RLS therapeutic approaches:

                   Current guidelines and general introduction to pharmacological treatment options (10-15 min.)
                   Yves Dauvilliers, Montpellier, France


                   Dopamine agonists should be the first-line treatment for RLS (10 min.)
Mauro Manconi, Lugano, Switzerland

                   Alpha-2-delta ligands should be the first-line treatment for RLS (10 min.)
Diego Garcia-Borreguero, Madrid, Spain

11:15          What is augmentation, and how should it be managed?
Diego Garcia-Borreguero, Madrid, Spain

11:45          Guidelines for iron therapy
Rosalia Silvestri, Messina, Italy

12:15          The patient´s perspective
                   Daragh Bogan, London, UK


12:30          - Interactive Lunch Session-

An opportunity for participants to discuss difficult cases with an expert


Afternoon Session

Chairpersons: Mauro Manconi, Diego Garcia-Borreguero

13:30          Treatment guidelines in special conditions: pregnancy and children
                   Rosalia Silvestri, Messina, Italy

14:00          Managing RLS in renal failure, depression, and other comorbidities
                   Yves Davilliers, Montpellier, France

14:30          Interactive case discussions
Mauro Manconi, Lugano, Switzerland & Diego Garcia-Borreguero, Madrid, Spain               

15:00          Q&A Session and closing remarks
                   Roselyne Rjisman, The Hague, The Netherlands & Mauro Manconi, Lugano, Switzerland

15:30          Close