2nd European Course on Diagnosis and Management of RLS

Morning Session 1:

Chairpersons: Birgit Högl, Roselyne Rjisman

20-minute lectures followed by 10 minutes discussion with the audience (except brief overviews)

08:30          Welcome and Introduction
                   Birgit Högl (EURLSSG President), Innsbruck, Austria

08:45          Diagnosis of RLS, clinical course and comorbidities
Birgit Högl, Innsbruck, Austria

09:15          Brief overview: RLS pathophysiology and genetics
                   Barbara Schormair, Munich, Germany

09:30          Brief overview: Epidemiology of primary and symptomatic / comorbid forms
                   Klaus Berger, Muenster, Germany

09:45          RLS severity, diagnostic pathways, and mimics
                   Roselyne Rijsman, The Hague, The Netherlands


10:15          - Coffee Break  -


Morning Session 2:

Chairpersons: Yves Dauvilliers, Klaus Berger

10:30          RLS therapeutic approaches:

                   Current guidelines and general introduction to pharmacological treatment options (15 min.)
                   Yves Dauvilliers, Montpellier, France

                   Managing RLS in renal failure, depression, and other comorbidities (15 min.)
                   Yves Davilliers, Montpellier, France


                   Dopamine agonists should be the first-line treatment for RLS (10 min.)
Mauro Manconi, Lugano, Switzerland

                   Alpha-2-delta ligands should be the first-line treatment for RLS (10 min.)
Diego Garcia-Borreguero, Madrid, Spain

11:45          What is augmentation, and how should it be managed?
Diego Garcia-Borreguero, Madrid, Spain

12:15          Guidelines for iron therapy
Rosalia Silvestri, Messina, Italy

12:45          The patient´s perspective
                   Daragh Bogan, London, UK


12:45          - Interactive Lunch Session-

An opportunity for participants to discuss difficult cases with an expert


Afternoon Session

Chairpersons: Mauro Manconi, Diego Garcia-Borreguero

14:00          Treatment guidelines in special conditions: pregnancy and children
                   Rosalia Silvestri, Messina, Italy

14:30          Interactive case discussions
Mauro Manconi, Lugano, Switzerland & Diego Garcia-Borreguero, Madrid, Spain               

15:00          Q&A Session and closing remarks
                   Roselyne Rjisman, The Hague, The Netherlands & Mauro Manconi, Lugano, Switzerland

15:30          Close