Friday 16th December 2022, 14:00 - 17:30 h 


Genetic and animal models

Juliane Winkelmann, Germany
Konrad Oexle, Germany


Update on genetic studies for RLS
Barbara Schormair, Germany

Update on functional studies of MEIS1 in RLS
Volker Kittke, Germany

Animal models of the restless legs syndrome: a systematic review
Alessandro Silvani, Italy


Clinical data

Federica Provini, Italy

Barbara Schormair, Germany

New German Guidelines on RLS - what can we learn?
Claudia Trenkwalder, Germany and Anna Heidbreder, Austria

RLS in the German National Cohort - assessment and prevalence

Klaus Berger, Germany

Restless legs syndrome: a state of nighttime hyperarousal and daytime sleepiness?
Sofiene Chenini, France

Relationship of abnormal EEG elements and leg movements in patients with epilepsy
Samson Khachatryan, Armenia

A meta-analysis of periodic leg movements during sleep associated with antidepressant treatment

Raffaele Ferri, Italy



Presentation of new data

Lucia Muntean, Germany
Samson Khachatryan, Armenia


RLS during pregnancy and lactation: First data release from the "Life-ON Study"
Silvia Riccardi, Switzerland

Intravenous Iron Infusion for children with autism and suspected RLS
Maria Paola Mogavero, Italy

Large muscle group movements during sleep in healthy people: normative values and correlation to sleep features
Abubaker Ibrahim, Austria





Saturday 17th December 2022, 09:00 - 16:00 h 


Giorgos Sakkas, Greece
Lucia Muntean, Germany


Should augmentation be renamed dopaminergic medication overuse RLS?
Walter Paulus, Germany

The manual scoring of leg movements - where 30+ international experts agree, and where not
Stephany Fulda, Switzerland

Initiation of the short term migrating educational courses on RLS in Eastern European and Caucasian Countries
Sofia Kasradze, Georgia and Samson Khachatryan, Armenia

German RLS Patient Foundation (RLS e.V.)
Lilo Habersack Young Researcher Award

Breaking news "Could targeting the orexin system be a new potential treatment for RLS? A possible role for Dual Orexin Receptor Agonists (DORA)"
Diego Garcia-Borreguero, Spain


Discussion of Clinical Cases

Birgit Högl, Austria
Claudia Trenkwalder, Germany

Restless Legs Syndrome clinical spectrum and comorbidities: how to find the crux of the matter
Angelica Montini, Italy

Case presentation: a familial RLS case on long term opioid therapy

David Kemlink, Czech Republic

Difficult decisions in a patient with very severe augmentation
Lucia Muntean, Germany

Some practical suggestions for increased cooperation between scientists and patient-organizations - a follow up from last year
Sören Berg, Sweden

From RLS-Patients for RLS-Patients: The Project "Expert Finder"


Questions from patients, EARLS




Rosalia Silvestri, Italy
Ambra Stefani, Austria


Update on paediatric RLS including Restless Sleep Disorder
Raffaele Ferri, Italy

RLS and Comorbidities including cardiovascular risk
John Winkelman, USA

New hypothesis on RLS pathogenesis and potential treatment implications
Diego Garcia-Borreguero, Spain